Mountain Ash Ashley Nirk Photo

Mountain Ash Design

Bull Mascot Logo

A new rising and up-coming high school in the area named Northern Rockies High School,reached out to me wanting a freshly bold logo with there mascot of a bull! Also, intrusted me with the choosing of their colors. I chose the two colors of Cyan and Yellow. I believe these two colors go very well together and are exciting and bold when put together. Which is the perfect picture to imagine about the Northern Rockies Bulls! I enjoyed this project, and pleased to say they were very happy with the outcome they received.

Extreme Sport Logo

For this project I was to put together a logo for an extreme sport company that specializes in bass fishing. For bass fishing is an extreme hobby of mine as well, I had a lot of fun with this. This company sells bait and tackle and they are climbing their way to the top of the consumer demands and desires! Premier Bait & Tackle handed over there thoughts, wants, and concerns. I then, created it into a logo that they were extremely happy with!

Birds Eye View Ideogram

The company Birds Eye View Drone Enterprises tracked me down and contacted me. We got together over coffee and we fell in love with the brain storming that was happening between each other. They have a wide variety of clients from commercial, private, and government issued. After getting there comments and concerns I was able to leave with a mind full of ideas that was successfully was able to design and put together, in return had very happy clients! I know this is not the end to working with this amazing company!

The Mountainash Design Logo

Hello my creative minds! My name is Ashley Nirk. I am a multi-discipline designer. I work with all different kind of mediums out of the panhandle of North Idaho in the booming city, Coeur d’Alene. I do (and I love) web, print, motion design and photography. You explain your most wanted desires and illusions and I will create them into any unique illustration that you could only ever dream of having. I enjoy utilizing my skills and knowledge in the design world and working through complex elements and problems and turning them in to a piece of art that is bold and beautiful. I am always looking for new challenges and new people to meet. Don’t hesitate to drop in a line and reach out!